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I ordered the tickets online and by the time I was done with the transaction my order nearly doubled on what was expected. The fees were more than the tickets. Not only do they charge sales tax and a delivery fee but they also charge a service fee that is more than the actual tickets. Also, I am not sure why they charge a delivery fee, I got it through my email? The sales tax also shows up separately on your bank statement. They do not even... Read more

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i ordered a concert ticket from them and they charged me DOUBLE the amount of the ticket all in unnecessary service fees it was absolutely ridiculous!! then i called the customer service, was on the phone for an hour and no one picked up!!!! then i found out that they don't even do refunds. what a bunch of garbage. they were the worst company to ever buy tickets from. i urge you to look on the venue site for any concert tickets, do not be ***,... Read more

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Do not buy your tickets from event tickets center they charged me more than double the value of the tickets i payed $297.22 for 2 tickets but the real price is $69 each ticket with the vendor for the same spot which was the very back wow talk about Ripoff make sure u check other places out n do ur home work this site is not going to do u any favor they're just about making their money n stealing from u Read more

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To start - by far some of the worst customer service I've ever experienced. Ordered the tickets weeks in advance with delivery before the show (money-back) guarantee. Emailed back with notice that the tickets would ship no later than the 14th. They shipped on the 17th. Show was on the 21st. Got the tickets on the 22nd. No money back. Spoke to costumer service who said delivery was delayed because of a storm, which wouldn't have been an issue had... Read more

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I bought tickets for nascar in febuary for the race on june 12 2016. The time on their website, the time on the order confirmation and the time on the email confirmation all said the race started at 3:30. We got there at 3:40 and police were not letting people in anymore because there was 10 laps left of the race.( race almost OVER) The race actually STARTED at 1:00. We spent a hour and a half driving there and i bought the tickets for an... Read more

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DO NOT USE THIS SITE ! Tickets purchased in april for my daughters birthday on june 7th. Was told i would get the tickets on the 8th of june . Called on the eighth and was told to call back in an hour . Emailed on the ninth no response . Called and was told i would get them on the tenth! Its no the 11th and still no tickets . They charge your account right away and never deliver the tickets. DO NOT USE THIS SITE Read more

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So I asked the sale person to get me tickets to an event. I asked for a couple rows back from the front. I got me invoice and I was 30 rows back. They basically told me I was screwed and there was nothing they could do. I even bought the insurance they offered, and that did nothing for me either. A half hour went by after the purchase when I caught the mistake, and they took no responsibility for it. I just wanted them to move my seats and... Read more

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Bought a ticket for Happy Together tour.I live in Lake Charles La.I purchased a ticket for the tour in Biloxi thinking it was for the Lake Charles tour.Can I exchange this for a ticket for the Lske Charles show?

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I went online and was told that the tickets I was paying a premium for would be 2 tickets between seats 1-6, the only reason for the purchase. I waited till today 1 day before the concert to receive my tickets only to find out they had not sent them. I had to waste 2 hours contacting them. Only to find out the seats were not where they were supposed to be. The guy that I spoke with was arrogant and didn't care at all. I wish I had read the... Read more

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Wow. Nothing but a scam. Paid $80 for $55 tickets thinking it was ticketmaster. Customer service is a joke. My tickets were invalid and the website markets a 200% guarantee but they don't even honor your money back. I was told I needed to provide proof I was not able to get in the show so I reached out to the venue's director of ticketing. he sent me a scan report of them denying my tickets and this website said it needed to be on official... Read more

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